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Bridge the Gap

Between Where You Are and Where You’d Like to Be

Serving tech pro's and small business entrepreneurs

in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond

Let's Build Together

Custom Financial Guidance
For the Next Generation of Wealth Generators

Faubion Wealth Management (FWM) LLC provides holistic wealth plans and investment recommendations to driven individuals and their families. We work closely with tech entrepreneurs, young professionals and small business owners to navigate the growing complexities of their financial situations. With the confidence that comes from knowing your wealth is taken care of, you can focus on what matters most in your life.

Building a Bridge Towards Success—As You Define It

What Kind of Wealth Construction Support Do You Need?

FWM understands that the early to mid stages of wealth generation call for diverse levels of assistance. Unlike many traditional firms, we offer a range of services to meet varying needs. Explore our different offerings to see what might work best for you.

Our Philosophy:

Progress Over Perfection

As you move through life, things might change. This is why FWM strategies are living and breathing. They aren’t silver bullets. Your plan is designed to help generate and protect your wealth—but it’s also malleable to support your evolving life.

When Working Together,
Here's a Bit About What You Can Expect:

Authentic Conversations

Understanding who you are, your passions and your aspirations enables us to provide you with the options that make the most sense for your unique circumstances.

Diligent Process

We consider every single element and relevant fact of your situation in order to construct a structurally sound, personalized bridge towards your future.

Steadfast Partnership

Having your back means empathizing with you, time and again, to find—and anticipate—the right financial moves for you or your family.

Interested in Learning More About FWM?

Meet Your Financial Partner