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Wealth Architect

Plan | Build | Live

Cohesive Wealth Planning
For Wealth Generators

Does This Sound Like You?

As an early-to-mid-stage tech founder, executive, or business owner, you’re dedicated to building your craft. In doing so, you’re driven to continue generating wealth while balancing time with family and to pursue other passions. Whether you’re aiming to manage your cash flow, save for your children's education or eventually afford a vacation home, the Wealth Architect service offering may be right for you.

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The Wealth Architect Service

This offering entails an in-depth process to understand your life and wealth picture. After defining specific goals together, we’ll orchestrate an all-encompassing plan to bridge the gap towards your vision.

What's Included

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Designing a coordinated wealth strategy fit for you and regularly modifying as necessary

Investment Management

Developing, implementing & maintaining a portfolio personalized to your desired level of risk & long-term goals

Continuing Relationship

Ongoing communication and assistance as your life transforms—and your wealth grows

Start Planning to Change Your Financial Future Today!

Wealth Architect Service Cost

Annual Fee:$5,000

*Includes up to $500k of managed assets at no additional cost.

Curious if the Wealth Architect Package is Right for You?

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