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Don't Vest And Forget - Equity Compensation 101 Thumbnail

Don't Vest And Forget - Equity Compensation 101

Over the last several decades, employee equity has become a much larger part of employee compensation. Although not limited to tech companies, it has become especially popular among private and public tech companies to align employee incentives with that the company's performance of the company. The rationale is that if employees are compensated in company equity, their equity value will improve over time as employees are incentivized to maximize their company equity through greater work performance. Through equity compensation, employees have more "skin in the game," so to speak, concerning the company's performance.

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All That Tech-Employees Need To Know About Their RSU Equity Grants Thumbnail

All That Tech-Employees Need To Know About Their RSU Equity Grants

When it comes to employee compensation, many tech companies provide equity and stock-based benefits to their employees. The intention behind this kind of stock-based compensation is to align the performance interests of the employee with the employer. One common form of equity-based compensation from publically traded and late-stage private, VC-backed tech companies are restricted stock units (RSUs).

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One Year In From Launch πŸš€ Thumbnail

One Year In From Launch πŸš€

I've been in the workshop, choppin' wood for a year now since launch. So much so that I managed to fly by the official 8.17 public launch anniversary without even so much as a thought. Not until the start of this month, when I take stock of the previous month and chart out the next, did I remember. I'll spare the metaphors and hyperbole, as I think they are often overused and are disserving to the original context. So I'll just state it plainly, I've been grinding it out for my clients and future clients.

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