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Wealth Engineer

Designing, Building & Maintaining a Bridge Towards Your Goals

Comprehensive Wealth Strategy 
For Tech Entrepreneurs & Executives

Does This Sound Like You?

As a mid-stage tech founder, executive, or business owner, managing the nuances of your financial life and planning for significant goals is becoming pressing. You’re looking for advanced guidance to organize your investable wealth above $500,000. If your business, tech company or career is taking off, experiencing a life-changing liquidity event, or your wealth situation is dynamic, the Wealth Engineer service offering is likely a good fit for you.

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The Wealth Engineer Service

This package involves a highly detailed process to establish the right plan for you. We’ll begin by surveying the land (get to know you and your goals) and creating a blueprint (draft a plan). Then, we’ll build and maintain a fully integrated bridge to support your objectives.

What's Included

Ongoing Relationship

Regularly checking in with you about your progress and consistently monitoring your plan

Full-Fledged Plan & Investment Strategy

Creating & implementing customized solutions that address every aspect of your wealth picture

Hands-On Coordination

Integrating with your CPA, estate planning attorney & other professionals to put your plan into action

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Wealth Engineer Service Cost

   AUM Fee Schedule

Account Value

Annual Advisory Fee

$0 - $1,000,0001.00%
$1,000,001 - $3,000,0000.85%
$3,000,001 - $5,000,0000.75%
$5,000,001 and Above0.50%

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