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Wealth Scaffold

Mapping Out Solutions for Specific Financial Challenges

Personalized | Straightforward | Strategic

Project-Based Planning

This option is for those who are not currently seeking an ongoing advising relationship but are in need of guidance for a certain issue.

For a better understanding of our new client process, click here!

Through the Wealth Scaffold Offering, We Can Help You:

Equity and Stock-option compensation analysis

Create a plan to pay off student loans

Take advantage of your employee benefits

Create an estate plan

Review & recommend benefit programs for your business

Offer cash flow suggestions based on your income & expenses

Develop a plan for your financial goals

Analyze your portfolio & develop an asset allocation strategy

...And More

Wondering Where Your Wealth Currently Stands?

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Wealth Scaffold Service Cost

Special Projects

Ranges from $500 to $5,000 depending on complexity

Hourly Financial Planning

Hourly rate of $300 per hour

What Aspect of Your Financial Life Can We Assist With?

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