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Deciphering Rising Geopolitical, Market, and Inflation Risks Thumbnail

Deciphering Rising Geopolitical, Market, and Inflation Risks

After a historically strong start to the year, markets have been letting out some steam to start the second quarter. Geopolitical risks with Israel and Iran, higher for longer inflation, and angst heading into corporate earnings season have pushed the VIX stock market volatility index to its highest level in six months.
 Over the weekend, tensions in the Middle East escalated due to an attack on Israel by Iran, the first time a direct attack between the two countries has occurred. The attack involved hundreds of drones and missiles launched from Iran. While it’s uncertain how Israel might respond, this is an unprecedented escalation in the region with one of our closest Allies.
We discuss in this episode of The Wealth Effect Podcast:
🌡️  Rising geopolitical tensions add to market volatility
📈  Sticky high CPI has markets rethinking rate cuts
⚠️ How to always be prepared for market volatility

Show notes and charts:

The Bottom Line: Markets have had a rough start to the second quarter due to changing expectations around the Fed and escalating geopolitical tensions. However, volatility is nothing new and needs to be expected at any time. And lastly, wartime periods in markets, while they can lead to significant drawdowns at the beginning, tend to perform well over the remaining wartime period.

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Matt Faubion, CFP®

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